Dear Players,

Please note that the phenomenon of the [Deals continuous damage by n% of damage dealt for 3 sec.] effect multiplying damage by the number of party members equipping the same effect will be fixed. (The damage is shown as intended on the result screen.) We understand that fixing this bug will likely lead to the party’s total damage decreasing, or the difficulty level that the players feel will be increased. As such, monsters from following dungeons will also have their HP adjusted with this fix.

  • Pruinaum Raid Boss Monster
  • Abyss Raid Boss Monster
  • Varnimyr Raid Challenge Mode Boss Monster
  • Pruinaum Raid Challenge Mode Boss Monster

We apologize for any inconvenience you may feel from the damage effect fix.

To mitigate the inconvenience that may arise from the fix, we will have a Weapon +13 enhancement effect buff for the following duration.

*Weapon +13 enhancement buff duration: 05/10 00:00 ~ 05/16 23:59 PDT.

– Elsword Team

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