01/18/2023 – 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)
Want to get your hands on the all-powerful Sacred Knights Ice Burner? Here’s your chance!


To bring up the Ticket exchange UI

Exchange your tickets for Ice Burners!

Select the Stage!

Choose a stage that corresponds to the number of tickets you own and
get a random number of Ice Burners corresponding to your chosen stage!


Choose the best package deal for your characters!

* Premium IB Tickets (Sacred Knights) will be deleted 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)

01/18/2023 – 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)
Boost up your power! Enhance your equipment!

Fight to Get Enhancement Aids!

Choose how to get your rewards:
Clear 30 dungeons within your level range or win 10 PVP fights weekly!

Level 10 and up; per account

Lucky Enhancement Goodies!

Login once on these dates and get these cubes to start
your lucky enhancements! It’s super simple!

Level 10 and up; per account

Here’s how to extract a Lucky Magic Amulet!

Lucky Enhancement Equipment Cube x1

*Unused [Luriel] El’s Hammer (30 Days), Lucky Enhancement Equipment (2) Cube,
+7 Lucky Enhancement Equipment will be deleted on 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)

*Unused [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore and [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll will be deleted on 04/11/2023 (23:59 PST)


01/18/2023 – 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)
Don’t miss your chance to start enhancing with such amazing deals!

01/8/2023 – 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)
Get even more Sacred Knights Ice Burners or complete the very exclusive
Horde of Darkness (Crimson) pieces!

This is where your hedgehog search begins!

  • Use a Trowel to dig up the radish patch!
  • A successful dig will yield a Hedgehog which you can use to exchange for rewards.
  • A “failed” dig will yield a Radish which you can use to get a different set of rewards!
  • You can also leave the digging choice up to chance by using the “Random Select” button!

Complete the Event-Exclusive Horde of Darkness (Crimson) Set

Collect enough Hedgehogs to get this IB set that’s only available for this event

How to Obtain Trowels

1. Item Mall
a. Get 1 Trowel for every 100 K-Ching spent in the Item Mall!

2. Daily Quest


When you clear dungeons within your level range once
Level 10 & up; per account

*If left unused, Trowel will expire in 02/14/2023 (23:59 PST)

Coin Exchange