[Cobo] Bountiful
Peace Maker (7 Days) x1
[Cobo] Harmony Festival
Elrianode Costume (7 Days)
Level 10 & up; per character
Get these event-exclusive title and costume every time you login once for
30 cumulative minutes on these dates:

*Items unclaimed from mailbox will be deleted on 10/17/2023 23:59 PT
*Resets weekly on Wednesday 00:00

You won’t go hungry during the festival! Unleash your inner glutton and gorge yourself with all these foods!

Enter the Bonfire Site through the UI icon or Cobo Express during the event to get the
‘Bountiful Peace Maker’s Blessing’ buff.
You only have to stay for a minimum of 1 minute to get the buffs!

These weekly raid reward will keep you coming back for more!
Level 99 and up; per account

Level 10 & up; per account

Provide food to hungry customers before time runs out and you’ll be rewarded with
Harmony Festival Exchange Tickets!

Get food using arrow keys and the space bar.

Deliver the food to customers using the number keys.

Here’s how to get exchange tickets:

After you’ve collected plenty of [Cobo] Harmony Festival Tickets,
you can start exchanging them for awesome rewards!
*Exchange will last until 10/17/2023 (23:59 PDT)

Got extra fish flopping around? Take a visit to Helen and she’ll exchange
the following fishes for reward worth your while!

*Exchange will last until 10/17/2023 (23:59 PDT)