★ 64-bit Client Conversion Announcement

After the 12/07 MA, Elsword will switch over to the 64-bit Client.
After the 12/07 maintenance, Elsword will only run on the 64-bit client service. If you are currently using the 32-bit service, kindly run your Elsword to auto patch to 64-bit or by downloading the client here. Kindly check the following for a smooth transition into the 64-bit experience.

[64-bit Client Related Check List/Preparation]

  1. After switching to the 64-bit client, the 32-bit client will no longer be available.
  2. The 64-bit client can only run on 64-bit operating systems. Please check the operating system of your PC.
  3. If the operating system is 32-bit (x86 included), you must check if the CPU supports a 64-bit operating system.
  4. Once confirming the 64-bit processor, you may download and start using the 64-bit client.
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