★ 07/20 Market Board Revamp Pre-Announcement

Here is the pre-announcement for the Market Board Improvements update for 07/20 00:00 PDT maintenance.

  1. About Hoarding/Cornering
    Here’s the direction we hope to take in regards to hoarding and cornering the market.When looking at in-game trades, there are often cases in which the players joined after the release of items, or the item has no longer been in the item mall for a long period, forcing players who wish to obtain the item at a current day to purchase them at a high price. This, unfortunately led to some players taking advantages of these propensities and hoarding all the items, and not releasing them until the item value increase for what could be unfair profit.In order to lessen the impact of hoarding/cornering, we will be releasing past items (Ice Burners, Pets, Mounts, etc.) and are also planning to re-release old costumes.

    * Currently, which items and how they will be released is still under discussion and the specifics will be announced at a later date. Please note that we are unable to announce the specific schedules and item lists currently.

  2. Excessive Repetition of Trade for Profit
    The existing Sales Agent Certificate was added in the game to lessen the burden for players who trade, but as time went on, it was used more to purchase/resell high profit items from certain player base rather than being used as ease of access, or how it was originally intended. This led to an unfair profit being made in certain groups and the system was in need of a revamp.In order to tackle this issue, the new ‘Market Premium Ticket’ added after 07/20 00:00 PDT will have a 3% sales fee, and personal trade using ED will have the same sales fee as when you use the Market Board.(Market Premium Ticket effect does not apply to personal trade.)In order to make sure these changes do not lead to most players being adverse or avoiding trade, the general sales fee for using the Market will be decreased from 10% → 5%, in addition to sellable items and the sellable price of items increasing. Furthermore, the market price information has been added in more detail for more transparent and stable trade.

    * We will continue to monitor the Market Board after the initial update to make sure that the new system is not abused. Furthermore, we will do our best to make sure the experience is convenient for most players through continued monitoring of the data and access frequency.

  3. ETC: Sales Agent Certificate Announcement
    As announced before, all Sales Agent Certificate items will be deleted by 07/19 23:59 PDT. Related refund policies will be announced at a later date through announcements.

    • The current Sales Agent Certificate items can be used until 07/19 23:59 PDT and the item effects will last for the duration of the item.
    • At 07/19 23:59 PDT, all unused items in character inventory and banks will be deleted and refunded.
    • Sales Agent Certificate items obtained through events are not included in the list of items that will be refunded.
    • At 07/19 23:59 PDT, all unused items in Item Mall> Cash Item Storage (Item Mall Inventory) will also be deleted and refunded.

Please take note, if you have any unused Sales Agent Certificate items in the Item Mall> Cash Item Storage (Item Mall Inventory).

!! Please check below details about the 07/20 Market Board Revamp.


★ Market

  1. The Board will now have a Market menu added. Players can purchase or sell items through the Market.
  2. Once you achieve Lv. 99, the highest price you can register your item will increase to 10 billion ED.
  3. Max number of items that can be registered will increase to 10.
  4. Sales fee will decrease to 5%.
  5. Items can be individually registered/received/canceled.
  6. Item market duration will each be applied separately depending on when they are registered.
  7. When searching, multiple conditions can be selected at the same time as long as they are in the same category.
    • o: Select Costume (Weapon, Top Piece, Bottom Piece) at the same time
    • x: Select Costume (Weapon), Consumable, Special at the same time
  1. Detailed Search function will be added.
    • Select Material, Consumable, Costume, and other categories and search.
    • Just like normal search option, detailed search can also select multiple search conditions at the same time as long as they are in the same category.
    • Min ~ Max price range will be available to search.
    • Min ~ Max enhancement level will be available to search.
    • Min ~ Max reforge stage will be available to search.
    • Remaining seal count will be available to search.
    • Can search up to 5 additional effects.
    • Can search up to 6 socket effects.
    • Can set up to 20 search conditions as favorites.
  2. Market Price Info will be available when purchasing/selling items.
    • Daily (recent 30 Days), Monthly (recent 12 months) price information will be available through graph or chart.
    • Average, Max, Min price within the period will be available.
    • Specific days or month average/trade is available within the time frame.
  3. When players attempt to sell or purchase items that has a price that greatly differs from the recent 30 days market price, a message will pop-up confirming the sale.
  4. Re-Register function will be added that will immediately register the unsold items with the same exact condition as before.
  5. Can check Sales Details to check the name, amount, price, sales duration of the items you sold.
    • Only items after “Receive Item” can be checked in Sales Details.
    • Sales Details will only show the most recent 30 items.
  6. Market Premium Ticket can be purchased from the Item Mall.
    • ‘Market Premium Service’ will be applied immediately upon purchase from the Item Mall.
    • Only the character that used the item will have the ‘Market Premium Service’ applied.
    • If the player was using the service upon registering or receiving the item, Sales Fee benefits will be applied.
    • Market Premium Service duration will be extended if ‘Market Premium Ticket’ is used when there’s still service duration remaining. (However, Max service duration is 90 days and cannot be extended any longer.)
  7. Certain Ice Burner costume pieces that used to require sealing will no longer need to be sealed in order trade. As such, Phoru’s Foot Stamp (Yellow) will end sale by 07/19 23:59.
  8. Previous items that used to require Phoru’s Foot Stamp (Yellow) will be tradeable without seals after 07/20 00:00 PDT.

★ Personal Trade

  1. When the character is Lv. 99, you can trade up to 10 billion ED in individual trade.
  2. 5% sales fee will be applied to individual trade when using ED.


  1. Items that can be traded will be a lot easier to distinguish in the inventory.
  2. Items registered in Magic Wardrobe will have “Cannot Trade” description added.
  3. ‘Board’ tab will be removed from the mailbox.
  4. Board icon will be added to the mini map UI.
    • You can check the current status of the items you have registered when you hover over the icon.

(Old) Receive Items

  1. Items that have been registered/sold using the previous Market Board before 07/20 00:00 PDT can be received through (Old) Receive Items button.
  2. Sales fee for (Old) Receive Items is 5% just like the changed fees. If Sales Agent Certificate or Market Premium Service was active when the item was registered or before receiving the item, the Sales Fee benefits will be applied.
  3. (Old) Receive Items button will be removed after 2023-07-18 23:59 PDT.
    • When the ‘(Old) Receive Items’ button is removed, all items or ED you did not receive from ‘(Old) Receive Items’ will be removed.
    • ‘(Old) Receive Items’ button will last for 1 year from 2022-07-20 00:00 PDT ~ 2023-07-18 23:59 PDT before it’s deleted.
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