[Maintenance Schedule]
2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-04-27 04:00 PDT
WEB (MyAccount, Billing, Customer Support)
2022-04-27 00:05 ~ 2022-04-27 02:05 PDT
★ Added

  • Elrios Pass Season 1
  • UI Improvement (Daily/Weekly, Quest, Daily Reward Information)
★ Added

  • Quest UI Improvement Event
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-05-10 23:59)
  • Jump Master Event
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-05-10 23:59)
★ Ended

  • Raid Difficulty Improvement Event
    (2022-04-13 00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 23:59)
[Cash Items]
★ Added

  • Elrios Pass Season 1 (Premium)
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-07-19 23:59)
  • Pass 2000 XP Ticket
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-07-19 23:59)
  • Orange Puppy Costume Suit
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-05-24 23:59)
  • Noah Diamond Yaksha Ice Burner
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-06-21 23:59)
  • Noah Diamond Yaksha 1+1 Ice Burner Package (Buying Limit: 10)
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-05-03 23:59)
  • Noah Dragon Knight Ice Burner
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-06-21 23:59)
  • Noah Dragon Knight 1+1 Ice Burner Package (Buying Limit: 10)
    (2022-04-27 00:00 ~ 2022-05-03 23:59)
★ Ended

  • 8bit Sunglasses Accessory (Black/White)
    (2022-03-30 00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 23:59)
  • Elegant Flamingo Costume Suit Package
    (2022-04-01 00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 23:59)
  • Pet: Flamingo
    (2022-04-01 00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 23:59)
  • Pet: Flamingo Package
    (2022-04-01 00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 23:59)
★ Season Pass

Clear missions every day and receive various rewards with the Season Pass update. Season Pass will go on for 12 weeks. Once the season ends, you will no longer be able to receive the rewards.
Season Pass name may change each season.
* Elrios Pass Season 1 will be from 04/27 00:00 ~ 07/19 23:59.

  • 1. How to Use Season Pass
    • Click on the Season Pass UI at the top of the screen to enter.
    • Clear Daily/Weekly/Season missions to gain Season Pass EXP. Achieve specific levels to obtain Normal (Free)/Premium reward.
    • You can obtain Magic Amulet Lv.9 and other various rewards through Elrios Pass Season 1 Normal (Free) reward. If you purchase the premium pass, you can clear Season mission to obtain additional premium rewards including a Magic Amulet Lv.10.
  • 2. Season Pass Item Mall Item
    Item Name Item Effect
    Elrios Pass Season
    Season Mission Added.
    – Obtain even more special rewards such as Magic Amulet Lv. 10, Special Artifact Spirit Stone Select Cube and more.
    – Additional Dungeon Daily Special Reward available. Applied Dungeon: Gate of Darkness, Heroic Dungeon, Secret Dungeon, Varnimyr (Excludes Raid), Pruinaum (Excludes Raid), Pruinaum Outskirts, Tirnog, Guild Dungeon
    Pass 2000XP Ticket Obtain 2000 EXP on the current Season Pass.

★ In-Game UI Added/Changed

Daily Reward Info UI is added and Quest UI is changed.

  • 1. Daily Reward Info UI Added
    • Daily Reward Info will be put in to a separate UI to make it easier to manage in one glance.
    • Click on the quest button on the lower left corner. You can also set a hotkey to enter directly.
    • When you click on Dungeon Name or PvP, the Daily Reward UI will close and will open the respective Dungeon/PvP UI.
    • You can set favorites on the Daily Reward Info tab. Click on the star button on the left side of the Reward Info to save favorites. You can save up to 5 favorites. (PvP not possible.)
  • 2. Quest UI Change
    • A new tab will be added that shows Daily/Weekly quest. Story, Event, Epic quests will be shown in Normal tab.
    • An exclamation mark will show on top of the tab when there’s a completed quest.
    • Even when you right-click on Daily/Weekly quest so it doesn’t show on the Quest Helper (Tab), the quests will be accepted automatically. However, the quest will not be visible on the Quest Helper (Tab) even after completing the quest.
    • Acceptable Quest Limit will only apply to Normal/Repeat quests. You can accept up to 20 Normal/Repeat quests.
    • The Secret Dungeon/Heroic Dungeon/Gate of Darkness Daily/Weekly Quest rewards will now be given upon clearing the dungeons.
    • The changed Daily Special Rewards Info is as follows.
      Dungeon Name Before After
      Secret Dungeon 2 El Reward for Daily Quest,
      3 El Reward for Weekly Quest
      * Max 17 per week
      2 El Reward for Daily Special Quest,
      (Max 4 rewards with 2 Secret dungeons open every day)
      * Max 28 per week
      Heroic Dungeon 2 Heroic Certification for Daily Quest
      3 Heroic Certification for Weekly Quest
      * Max 17 per week
      1Heroic Certification for Daily Special Quest
      (Max 3 rewards per day)
      * Max 21 per week
      Gate of Darkness 30 Demon Realm Energy for Daily Quest
      * Max 60 per day
      Additional 10 Demon Realm Energy from Daily Clear Special Reward
      (Receive reward up to 3 times daily)
      * Max 60 per day

★ Character

  • [Elsword]

    1. Fix the size of the bottom of the Japan Costume Contest Winner Bottom Piece when equipped with Velder Academy Uniform Shoes.
    2. Fixed graphic glitch that occurs when equipping Royal Servant – Crimson or Darkness Guard Bottom Piece with certain shoes.
    3. Fixed the graphics of the shoulder when using Hedgehog Swing while equipping Dragon Knight – Dark Side/Abaddon Top Piece.

  • [Aisha]

    1. Fixed graphic glitch around the waist when equipping Cruise Wear Top Piece with Trump Bunny Waitress Bottom Piece.
    2. Fixed skin color around the neck when equipping El Search Party Officer’s Top Piece (Ver.Dark).
    3. Fixed the graphics of the feet when using Lovely Winter, Pink Cherry Blossom of Spring custom while equipping Combat Class.

  • [Raven]

    1. Fixed abnormal skin color that occurs when wearing certain bottom pieces with the Option – Graphics setting at Middle or Low.
    2. Fixed feet graphics when equipping Groom’s Shoes.
    3. Fixed feet graphics when equipping Mad Hatter Shoes.

  • [Raven] [Mutant Reaper]

    1. Added text (Freeze duration) that wasn’t included in [Enhanced] Grasp skill.
    Added [Dungeon/PvP] Freeze Duration: 2 sec.

  • [Eve]

    1. Fixed the two weapons not looking identical when looking ahead while equipping Blossom Bird Drone – Evening Party.
    2. Fixed skin color looking different around the hand when equipping Royal Maid – Assault Marionette Gloves and Royal Maid-Combat Marionette Gloves.

  • [Chung]

    1. Fixed graphic glitch when equipping Black Cat Shoes with specific Bottom Pieces.
    2. Fixed abnormal graphics when equipping Early Winter Busking Bottom Piece with another costume set’s shoes.
    3. Fixed leg graphics when equipping Winter Salvation Bottom Piece.

  • [Ara]

    1. Fixed abnormal skin color when equipping Autumn Travels with the Option – Graphics setting at Middle or High.

  • [Ara] [Apsara]1. Flow of Chi tooltip is improved.
    Before: Gaining energy will activate [Flow of Chi] buff which in turn gives more power to your attacks.
    After: Gaining or recovering energy through skill will activate [Flow of Chi] buff which in turn gives more power to your attacks.
  • [Add]

    1. Fixed abnormal skin color around the neck when equipping April Fool’s Maid Top Piece with the Option – Graphics setting at Middle.
    2. Fixed X projectile looking dark green when Option – Visibility is set to the lowest.
    3. Fixed abnormal graphics when equipping Early Winter Busking Bottom Piece with specific shoes.
    4. Fixed Lovely Winter Gloves – Pure White looking like Lovely Winter Gloves – Checkered when equipped.

  • [Lu/Ciel] [Diabla]1. Fixed Option – Game setting’s enemy effect visibility adjustment affecting Nightmare skill’s blind effect.
  • [Rose]

    1. Fixed Miracle Alchemist Glasses’s awkward location.

  • [Ain]
    1. Fixed shoulder graphic glitch during Axel Jump motion while equipping Street Skater Top Piece.
    2. Fixed abnormal leg skin color when equipping Swimwear Bottom Piece with Sailor Swimwear Shoes.
  • [Ain] [Apostasia]
    1. Fixed 3 Ruler of the Abyss buff UI showing when spectating a sparring match.
  • [Laby] [Shining Romantica]1. Fixed so Gurumi skill cannot be used once the stage is cleared just like other summoning skills.

    [Laby] [Daydreamer]

    1. Fixed Bibi…! skill’s bleed debuff not showing the number of stacks.

    [Laby] [Radiant Soul]

    1. Fixed abnormal damage to midboss through activating [Hello, Laby] after learning One Step Forward.

    [Laby] [Nisha Labyrinth]

    1. Fixed Special Slot (Memory of the Forest) UI not visible for the spectator on sparring.

  • [Noah]
    1. Fixed occasional graphic glitches depending on the movement while equipping Dark Star Henna.

★ Dungeon/PvP/Field

  • 1. Fixed an invisible map line existing in a specific location in the first stage of Plegas’s Reflection.
  • 2. Fixed being unable to move from the jump pad in Puppet Theater because specific commands get you stuck to the jump pads.
  • 3. Fixed occasionally not being able to respawn or revive when you fall from the platform in Tricky House.

★ Item

  • 1. Fixed Magic Wardrobe UI opening when using Magic Wardrobe Ticket with a character that should not be able to use the ticket.

★ Quest

  • 1. Fixed the new story quest “Before Joining” not appearing in the Story pop up after completing the quests.


  • 1. You can switch mod skill while a summoning skill is active.
    – Changing the skill that summoned the summon will remove the summon.
  • 2. Fixed scroll bar not appearing on El House Guest Book.
  • 3. Fixed being able to drag the dismount slot when on a mount.
  • 4. Fixed Party Buff per CP effects on Tenebrous Armor’s Shadow Effect and Artifact Spirit Stone effect being removed temporarily and reactivating on certain situations.
  • 5. Fixed damage from Deals continuous damage by n% of damage dealt for 3 sec. socket effect damage showing less damage on the result screen than the actual damage dealt.
  • 6. Fixed insufficient ED message popping up when identifying El Shard (Mystery) despite having enough ED.
  • 7. Fixed being able to open the pet UI by clicking on the bottom menu icon in specific situations when it’s not possible to input the hot key.
  • 8. Fixed keyboard setting resetting upon login specific situations.
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