Just login ONCE for an accumulated time
to get these wonderful potions!
Level 10 and up; per account

Choose 1 Elixir to get!

[Luriel] Ventus’ Wing (Elixir) x3
[Luriel] Rosso’s Calamity Wheel (Elixir) x3
[Luriel] Tracker’s Madness (Elixir) x3
[Luriel] Blessed Ventus’ Wings (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Denif’s Ice Orb (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Rosso’s Blazing Ring (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Blazing Bomb (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Giant Potion (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Giant Hand Potion (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Tracker’s Soul (Elixir) x10
[Luriel] Blessed Baby Fairy Cradle (Elixir) x10

[Luriel] Vigor
Potion x50
[Luriel] Elixir
Selective Cube x1
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[Luriel] Fighter
Potion x10

*If left unclaimed from mailbox, rewards will be deleted on 09/14/2021 23:59 PDT.

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