• Pruinaum Raid Improvement Pre-Announcement

    April 20th, 2021

    Quality of Life Update Pre-Announcement

    Pruinaum Raid Improvements


    • The occurrence of Hadron’s Copies’ special patterns from happening simultaneously will be decreased.
    • Haivan stage sealing device will be affected by debuffs (excluding debuffs that prevents action).


    • Berthe’s scratch patterns will be affected by debuffs.
    • Berserk Berthe will be affected by debuff when in the groggy state (Excluding debuffs that incapacitate).

    • Berserk Berthe will be affected by debuffs during the Black/White Barrier pattern (the phase where the light comes out of the symbol on the shoulder) (excluding debuffs that incapacitate).
    • Annihilator cannot be passed through during laser pattern.
    • Annihilator will be affected by debuffs during laser pattern (exclude debuffs that incapacitates)
    • HP of ice pillars summoned by Annihilator will be adjusted.
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