Hello players,

For those encountering the reported “No Response From Server” errors:
Please be advised that having certain screen/desktop sharing programs or remote control software running, or in some cases, installed on your computer/laptop will force the Elsword Game Client to close. Due to account security reasons, this is intended.

As such, if you receive the error in question, and are unable to log onto Elsword, please completely close down any screen sharing software. For whatever reason, if that cannot be done, we would recommend that any program of that type be uninstalled fully so you may be able to log in, and continue to enjoy playing Elsword as intended.
It is important to note that even if those programs have not been used or opened for a long time, they may still affect the game client as some apps/programs insist on running in the background.

If this may be the case, please remove the screen sharing software before playing Elsword.
Go forward, if you run into an issue where Elsword still won’t run or you can’t connect to the game because of the No Response error, please contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

Thank you for understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

-Elsword Team

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