The new season continues with the all new Magician and Mercenary!
Aisha and Raven get new default English voiceovers.


Raven is Brian Beacock
From Hollywood, to Anime, to Musical Theater, super talented actor, writer and musician Brian Beacock lends his all-star, award winning talent to the Elsword character line up as none other than Raven!
Tip! Here's how to switch between English and Korean voices:
  1. Press 'O' for Options and click the Sound button.
  2. Click on the box beside 'Use Korean Voices' to turn it on or off.
  3. Click 'Apply' or 'Done.'

Aisha and Raven players can now enjoy these improvements.

Skill Tree

  • Skill window changes include general character information—updated character icon, character intro, and primary skills.

  • The skill tree shows the skills you can learn, sorted according to the skills' level requirement. The Hyper Active skill is locked. You can find this on the second line of active skills.

  • You can now learn skills automatically by reaching certain levels; the Skill Points System is removed.

  • You no longer need to choose between skills!

  • Each active skill has traits that help strengthen a skill. The 2 traits will be unlocked as the character rises up the levels. You can only choose one of the 2 traits.

  • Once you select a trait, you will be unable to reset it unless a Tome of Amnesia is used.

  • When you acquire a skill or unravel traits to choose from, it will be displayed on the screen. In case there's an empty skill slot, the newly acquired skill will be automatically set in it.

  • At the top of the command window, you'll see the updated character icon, character intro, and primary commands.

  • The list shows the commands for each action. Mouse over a primary command to see its description.

Use this skill to hit an enemy below you.
If you successfully hit the target you can try
and deliver an additional combo after.

  • Teleport MP cost was changed.
  • Some effective commands are added.
  • New characteristic skills are added.
  • Head and body ratio are revamped.
  • New promotion illustrations for base class Aisha are added.

  • Shadow step was revamped.
  • Core system was overhauled.
  • Some effective commands are added.
  • Head and body ratio are revamped.
  • New promotion illustrations for base class Raven are added.
Learn more about the changes here.

"Note: Due to the revamp, the Gnosis Blessing is no longer effective for Elsword,
Rena, Aisha, and Raven. It is best not to use these characters when transferring
purchased Gnosis Blessings from the Cash Item Storage."

1/13/2016 – 1/26/2016 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)
Prize Draw: 1/29/2016

Play the new Magician and Mercenary for the chance to win K-Ching and awesome Elsword Season 2 commemorative goodies!

Join in 2 Steps:
  1. Log on to the game and create both Aisha and Raven characters. If you already have one of each, then you can skip to the next step.

  2. Play both Aisha and Raven for 2 hours each (4 hours total) within the event period to qualify. That's it. Join now!

Note: Tangible prizes will not be shipped to winning players outside the United States. The equivalent in K-Ching may be offered instead. All schedules are in Pacific time (PST).