*Each Rank will receive a different awakening custom.
*The rewards will be registered to the custom once the season is over,
and will be removed with the ending of the following league.
When creating Sparring Rooms,
You can choose whether or not to normalize different stats.

Setting additional rules can only be done when you are creating a room.
You’ll not be able to change it once the room is created. See below for more info on the function:
Effects Applied
Effects Not Applied
40% ERP
No ERP Applied
Applied Identically
with Arena
Character Lv. 1 basic stat
HP Adjustment
Passives still apply
* Extreme Heavenly Love skill can no longer be used on sparring.
You can check Previous/Current/Total Rankings
And all your Win Loss Ratio all in one place!

Your PvP Record is available in
Character (U) > View PvP Information