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Pro Division

1st Place
Origin PC EON17-X Laptop x2
Origin PC T-Shirt x2

2nd Place
$600 Cash and 60,000 K-Ching

3rd Place
$400 Cash and 40,000 K-Ching

4th Place
$200 Cash and 20,000 K-Ching

5th Place
10,000 K-Ching

6th Place
7,500 K-Ching

7th Place
5,000 K-Ching

8th Place
3,000 K-Ching

All division winners will also receive a
+10 Amulet

  • Cash and K-Ching prizes will be divided among participating players of the receiving team.
  • Tangible prizes cannot be shipped outside of the United States. The equivalent amount in K-Ching may be offered instead.

  • We are enlisting a total of 16 players from our past 3 Tournaments up to Semi-Finalists to participate in this division. Pros are invited to the Pro Tournament topic in the PVP section of the Elsword Forums.
  • A pro player must join another player from the roster to form a team of 2. (Total of 8 teams)
  • A team must be composed of different characters (e.g. Only 1 Rena and 1 Add in a team).
  • Players are allowed to use alternate characters on their pro account.
  • Reserves from past tournaments can be called upon if not all pre-qualified pros decide to play.
  • Brackets will be posted here on or before August 18, 2015.


This is a round robin + playoffs single-elimination tournament.

Type: 2v2
Mode: Power
Map: Random
Setting: Team Death Match
Kills: 4


Rounds 1 – 7 (Best of 1)
August 22, 2015 Saturday
Start Time: 4:00PM
28 Matches

Playoffs/Finals (Best of 5)
Livestreamed via Twitch!
August 29, 2015 Saturday
Start Time: 4:00PM
4 Matches (Bronze Match)