How to Enter

Find the icon in the
Events Dungeon Tab
Need 1
[Cobo] Witch’s Token to enter
Players: 3-8
Play Time: 150 sec.
Req. Level: 10 – 99
• Item use disabled
• Mount disabled
• Pets disabled
• Use only Z Key to attack

It’s the Ultimate Hide-and-Seek!
Find the disguised adventurers as a tagger,
Or hide among monsters to avoid being tagged!
    You have 10 chances to hit. Tag a hidden player by hitting them 3 times.
    A successful tag will restore 5 hit chances. Tagger’s hit chances will not deduct during Fever Time.

    You have 15 seconds to hide. Follow the special action prompts to blend in. You will be tagged after getting hit 3 times.

When all hiding players have been tagged or when the time is up, the game will be over.