• The new Secret Dungeon Equipment have better stats.
  • Set effects of all Secret Dungeon Equipment are now shared and are as follows:
  • [Secret Dungeon] Reason to Restore the Barrier / [Secret Dungeon] Hidden Dungeon Revealed quest rewards have been changed to the following:

*Since quest rewards have changed, players who have completed the quests may do the quests again to receive the new rewards.

*However, progress will be reset for players in the middle of doing the quest.

  • Tool tips for Barrier’s Fragments & any existing Secret Dungeon Equipment have changed.
  • Village Blacksmiths’ ability to upgrade Secret Dungeon Equipment has been removed.
  • Secret Dungeon Content Guide has been updated

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  • Certain sections in both Hamel and Sander Secret Dungeons have been changed for smoother gameplay
  • Dual Stones Origin, Growth, Pursuit, and Retaliation can now be crafted through Glave.

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  • The dungeon will no longer drop equipment or Heroic Weapon Fragment. But, players will now be able to get new materials to craft the following Dual Magic Stones:

Players can craft normal Dual Magic Stones through Glave using regular materials.
They can also upgrade the stones to become Shining Magic Stones using the quest reward!

  • Epic Quests for this dungeon has been removed and Weekly/Daily quest rewards have been changed.
  • Heroic Invitation will only drop in dungeons for Lvl. 99 (Elrianode – Varnimyr)
  • Heroic Dungeon now consumes Stamina.
  • Heroic Dungeon New Combat Power Requirement: 25,000 → 150,000
  • Heroic Dungeon New Ticket Requirements: 1 → 3
  • Elrianode Epic Quest rewards have changed:
  • “The Mysterious Figure” epic quest completion requirement has been changed.
  • Players are more likely to obtain Unique Grade El Tear Fragments when trading Fragment Powders.

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  • Energy Shards drop rate has been increased!
  • Apocalypse Weapon Cube drop rate has been increased!
  • Energy Frame: Type – Alterasia recovery rate decreased
  • Energy Frame: Type – Alterasia Storm Blade frequency decreased