Vertrauen Melodie (Special Active)
Gather energy from your surroundings and protect your allies with El's Blessing.
Awakened Will: Erbluhen Emotion (Passive)
Embodiment and proof of the oath that connects human emotion and god's will. When awakened, gain the max number random Eids and greatly increase the awakening charge speed. [Authority: Cycle] mode is enhanced while Natural Consumption and Aerial Movement Consumption are decreased.
Verschmelzen (Active)
Control the flow of El Energy and form a binding curse with your foe using the Connection Chant.
Awakened One (Passive)
Enhances the body even further.
Windhose (Special Active)
Throw two Circulating Orbs with the destructive force of rampaging tornadoes.
Blooming Emotion (Passive)
Let emotions take over and strengthen bonds felt. Be able to handle a greater number of [Eids] while focusing the surrounding El energy to naturally form [Eids] while further increasing the duration to those affected by the El Keim.
Satz Aurora (Special Active)
Temporarily control flow of El energy on your surroundings and reveal the power of the ultimate Cycle Chant.

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