• Ain Erbluhen Emotion Transcendence

    February 8th, 2017

    Take charge and transcend Ain to the next level. Get free accessories for your Ain and for your other characters as well! Click here to learn more about Ain’s Erbluhen Emotion Transcendence.


    Symbol of Transcendence
    02/08/2017 – 02/21/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    During Ain’s Transcendence event, all characters will receive a reward for logging in for 10 minutes (accumulated)!

    Timer Event title Rewards Limitation
    Once Another Power Released – Transcendence Symbol of Transcendence (All) (7 Days) x1 Per Character, Lvl 10 or above

    Symbol of Transcendence (All) (7 Days): Cannot be traded, resold, stacked, or stored in Shared Bank


    Ain Transcendence Achievement Reward
    02/08/2017 – 02/21/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    All Erbluhen Emotion, Lofty: Anpassen and Ain Base characters will receive an additional Transcendence quest (and reward!) during the event period.

    Quest Quest name NPC Condition Reward Limitation
    Normal [EVENT] Achieve Ain’s 2nd Path Transcendence!! Ariel Achieve Transcendence 0/1 Symbol of Transcendence (Ain) x1 Per Character,
    Lv 10 or above, Ain Base, Ain Lofty:Anpassen, Erbluhen Emotion

    Symbol of Transcendence (Ain): Cannot be traded, resold, stacked, or stored in Shared Bank. Permanent.

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