The swordsman with endless potential, who claimed the power of the Dark El as his own. Elsword can defeat his enemies with ease by relentlessly attacking them with his dual swords.

After coming in contact with the Giant El, Elsword feels the energy from the Dark El slowly taking over him. However, Elsword has become stronger during his adventure with the El Search Party and manages to take control over the power of the amplified dark energy.

Now his old sword felt too light, unable to hold his new found power.

"I need a sword that can withstand my power."
Elsword summoned all his swords and merged them in to one, creating a sword black as night. Though the sword was much heavier than expected, Elsword swelled with expectation having a sword that will allow him to use his full power. The magical sheath, Cornwell, whispered teasingly.

‘Isn’t it too early for a boy like you to handle a sword of that caliber, Elsword?’

"Heh. You wish, Gramps. This will be a piece of cake! Watch me!"