[3rd Job] Elsword 2nd Path
"Let’s light it up!"
The strongest magic swordsman who created a new
Rune sword technique using the power of El.

Age: 18

With flashy sword techniques and Rune magic of various attributes, the Rune Master can subdue enemies instantly.

After restoring the El, Elsword felt something different about how mana flowed in his body. Coming in direct contact with the El forcibly activated every bit of dormant mana within him. As time passes, it becomes harder and harder for Elsword to control his mana.

"My power has no limits. I can become stronger than anyone!"

Instead of trying to contain his new found power, Elsword decides to unleash it. With explosive mana coursing through his body and his sword, Elsword becomes capable of using skills that no other magic swordsman could attempt before.