03/27/2019 – 04/09/2019 (Ends 23:59 PDT)
Finish the chain quest and rack up rewards!
Level 10 and up; per account
Chain 1/5 Play Official
PVP 6 times!
[Luriel] Phoru’s Foot Stamp (Gold) x1
Chain 2/5 Luriel] Refined Recovery Potion x50
Chain 3/5 [Luriel] Refined Magic Stone x30
Chain 4/5 [Luriel] Refined Recovery Potion x50
Chain 5/5 [Luriel] Refined Magic Stone x30

03/30/2019 (15:00 - 17:00 PDT)
Login for 30 min
from 15:00 - 17:00
and this awesome reward is yours!

[Cobo] 1st Class Change Ticket
[Cobo] 2nd Class Change Ticket
[Cobo] Transcendence 2nd Class Change Ticket
[Cobo] 3rd Class Change Ticket

[Cobo] Class Change Selective Cube
(hover to view rewards)
*The class change tickets will be deleted on 2019/04/10.