In order to learn about the Dark El from Nephilim Lord,
the El Search Party agrees to eliminate the strange tower that is emanating a strange aura.
The battlefield is soon to be engulfed in flames...

You must be in a Raid Party to enter.
  • Raid Party can be formed at “Camp: Crimson Edge”
  • Camp: Crimson Edge can be accessed through Cobo Express

  • Only 3rd Job Characters can enter.
    Potions, Elixirs and pets are allowed. Mounts are not.
    Previous raid must cleared in order to proceed to the next one.
    Each phase cleared with be recorded for ranking purposes.
    Each completed phase will award players with a reward.
    There will also be a Weekly Reward for each phase cleared (given once a week):
  • You will be forced out of dungeon play 10 min before reset time
  • The rewards will be reset at 00:00 Wednesday PDT (UTC -7)
  • You cannot enter raid 1 hour before and 10 min after reset time

  • Drops at Raid #3 Final Phase.
    Enhancing above +9 will unlock 14 additional Mystic Stone sockets!

    +9 Special Mystic Stone Slot Open, MP Cost – 5% (Max 35%)
    +10 All Skill Damage +10%
    +11 Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv 10
    +12 Physical Attack Power +5% Magical Attack Power +5%
    +13 Critical Damage +10%

    Fire Resistance + 50

    Fire Attribute Activation Chance +1%

    Adaptability +5%

    2% on Attack to Fire Black Titan Laser
    (PVE Only)(Cooldown 1 Min)

    Players will be ranked based on Clear Progress and Clear Time.
    Ranks will be reset every Wednesday.
    Top 1~100 players will receive Infernal Throne (7 Days) Sit Motion.

    When someone in your raid party obtains the raid weapon, all other members will receive a crystal
    Exchange with Elrianode Blacksmith for the Weapon Cube or other useful items

    Blazing Crystal x20 ALL Flames of Judgement – Demonic Weapon Cube
    Blazing Crystal  x5 ALL Crimson Trace Reset Ticket
    Blazing Crystal  x5 RANDOM 1  Giant Common Mystic Stone
    1  Giant Refined Mystic Stone
    1  Giant Shining Mystic Stone
    Blazing Crystal  x2 ALL 300 Ancient Fossil Pill
    Blazing Crystal  x1 RANDOM 1 Red Shining Mystic Stone
    1 Blue Shining Mystic Stone
    1 Yellow Shining Mystic Stone