-Hovering over equipment slots will highlight items of that category.

-Hovering over items will highlight the corresponding equipment slot.

-Clicking on equipment slots in the Item Mall will show items for that corresponding slot.

-Hovering over mail icon will show 5 most recent mails with attached items.

-Buff Icons can be moved.

-Resurrection UI and Buff Icon will not overlap.
-Dungeon Result Screen will not overlap with Dungeon Re-entry, GoD messages.

-Hot Spring Buff will not overlap with Dungeon Matching window.

-Drabaki entrance UI can be closed with [ESC]

-When awakened, the effect will show on the character UI

-Clicking “Repair-All” during battle will automatically repair equipment after the battle.

-Amount of ED Dropped for Debrian Laboratory has been adjusted.

- Uniel - The Light Bringer, Hatchling, Mystic, Tree Knight, and Ancient Phoru will now be sold as adults.

-*Please note* - All life Crystal Pets will be removed from the shop until further notice.