12/30/2020 – 01/11/2021 (23:59 PST)

Your new character will get this exclusive reward when you pre-register before the event ends!
Have all the convenient items at your disposal at the start of your journey!

Gift from the Moon – Full Moon x1*
Per account; will be sent to Noah’s mailbox

[Ariel] Fighter
Potion x30
[Cobo] Ring of Flexibility (II)
(30 Days) x1
[Cobo] Ring of Tenacity (II)
(30 Days) x1
[Cobo] Ring of Strength (II)
(30 Days) x1
[Cobo] Ring of Bravery
(II) (30 Days) x1
[Cobo] Magic Necklace (II)
(30 Days) x1
[Cobo] Ring of Fury
(30 Days) x1
[Ariel] Refined Recovery
Potion x100
[Ariel] Stamina Potion
100% x1
[Ariel] EXP 100%
Boost Medal (1 Day) x1
[Ariel] Noah Exclusive
Custom Motion x1
[Ariel] Noah Sticker
(30 Days) x1
*If Gift from the Moon – Full Moon is left unopened, it will automatically be deleted on 04/13/2021 (23:59 PT)
*The reward will only be given to 1 character per pre-registered account before 02/09/2021 (23:59 PT)


12/30/2020 – 01/26/2021 (23:59 PST)

Sign up for Noah’s Pre-Registration Event (12/30/2020 00:00 – 1/11/2021 23:59 PST)
and create Noah during Noah’s Release Celebration (01/13/2021 – 01/26/2021 23:59 PST)

will get each

  • Any players that do not complete both requirements will not be eligible for rewards. Any players that do not sign-up for the Pre-Registration Page will not be eligible for rewards.
  • Your Elsword Account MUST be in good standing at time of selection to be eligible for rewards. Any penalized accounts will not be eligible for rewards.
  • All players must have a KOG Games Account in order to participate in this event.
  • Entering on multiple accounts is prohibited - any form of collusion, multiple account entries can lead to your entry being disqualified.
  • Worldwide Shipping will be available for all Prizes. Equivalent K-Ching will not be offered for any prizes won from the event.


12/30/2020 – 01/11/2021 (23:59 PST)

Elsword and the gang wants everyone to know that a new hero is about to join their squad!
Be ready to share the good news on your social media and you could be one of the winners to get these prizes~

1 Noah Mousepad + 1 Noah Mask/ea 1 Noah Mousepad + 1 Noah Mask/ea

Share the Trailer to your Social Media Platform of choice and submit your entry using the form.
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This event has ended.