Age: 15
Weapon: Sickle

Noah uses a sickle as his main weapon. He also uses the power of the moon and darkness that had mutated from an experiment.

He lost his brother to Henir’s Order and temporarily forgot about it. He eventually got his memory back after the El Explosion but was sealed shortly after.

Many years have passed, and Noah awoke within the temple that was affected by the restoration of Elrianode.

Executioner of the Second Revenge

Age: 15
Weapon: Sickle

After waking up from the temple, Noah attempts to regain his battle senses and his physique through combat.

Drowning in guilt, Noah would try to look for a reason why he has remained alive. He swore to find answer in avenging his brother which in turn, he thought, would also appease his soul.

Pursuer who Controls Shadows of the Past

Age: 15
Weapon: Sickle

In order to find a way to control the Power of Shadow, a mutated power of darkness, Noah uses the old method using the Moon Stone passed down within the Ebalon family.

Clamor manages to help Noah figure out how to control the power, however Noah remains hesitant in implementing the method because of his waning faith towards Clamor.

Eventually, Noah discovers the truth and with his newfound determination, he manages to control the Power of Shadow using this new method.

Master of the Shadow, Liberated from the Shackles

Age: 15
Weapon: Sickle

Noah is on a path to revenge.

As he continues his journey, Noah realizes that he can no longer move forward without a clear goal of his own.

Though he has found himself in an unfamiliar world, he has managed to form new bonds.

After facing the truth and liberating himself from his vengeful obsession, Noah finally rises as the true master of the Shadow.