Age: 15
Weapon: Sickle

One who escaped from his past to select a new life

Noah became confused upon suddenly waking up in the past.

During this timeline, Noah is hopeful for a better future as he managed to meet Clamor and save Yuria unlike what happened in a different timeline in the past.

A bond formed between Noah and Clamor and with that he was able to choose the life he wants instead of living for revenge.

With Clamors encouragement, Noah decided to learn magic from him.

Age: 17
Weapon: Sickle

Astrologist who predicts his own destiny

Noah was attacked at Rosso's lab and was suddenly sent to the past.

Feeling despair after having been flung to the past, Noah manages to use the relic within the Temple of Time to travel to the past at the Seven Tower where Clamor resides.

During this time, Noah decided to remain in the past for a long time to study the sun, the moon, the universe, and his power of time.


Age: 18
Weapon: Sickle

Observer of Constellations who transcends time and space

With the amount of time Noah has spent on research at the Seven Tower in the past, he manages to master his power using magic.

After much time of dedicated research, Noah was able to successfully turn Clamor's soul into a spirit form. This gave Clamor a corporeal body so he can move freely.

After obtaining the power of Celestia, the flow of time that was entwined with Clamor's memory influences Noah's body and mind to suddenly mature.

With this newfound maturity, Noah forges his path as the observer of the constellations with his partner, Clamor.

Noah can now enter Velder Academy Event Dungeons!

Clear the Event Dungeons or Hop to the Item Mall
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