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The Red Knight has come a long way since the day she was reunited with her brother Elsword.

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Job Path Trivia
Through much studying and hours of swordplay practice, Elesis is able to refine her fighting skills. She eventually becomes the Grand Master, and the leader of the Red Knights.
Job Path Trivia
Once Elesis starts honing in on her ancestral power, she is able to harness the fire magic from within to become the legendary Blazing Heart.
Job Path Trivia
After a mission that went horribly wrong and left Elesis on the brink of death, she absorbs the Dark Energy from the Dark El she had found to be reborn as the Crimson Avenger.

Elesis is the first character to
cross over from another game to
Elsword. Can you guess what
that game was?

Elesis is Elsword’s older sister. Their Father was Elkashu, and he was the leader of the Red Mercenary Knights.

Elesis was considered a prodigy in sword fighting at a young age, with her weapon of choice being the claymore.

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Get creative and make a guide on how to play as Elesis in Elsword Online. It can be in the form of text and images, infographic, or a video.
March 8th - April 5th
Wish Elesis a happy birthday with a card designed by you. Use any medium you like, then share it as a digital image file in the forums! All artwork must be the contestant’s own, with the exception of any official KOG Games (Elsword) artwork you decide to use in your submission.
March 3rd - 28th
Create a trailer showing off your Elesis!
Style this video any way you like, just make
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