After surviving the volcanic terrain of the Distant Ruins, Elsword and the gang set out to find more clues about the
El Lady. According to the prophecy, when the seven priestesses gather, the pillar of light will show them the way.
Are you ready to journey towards Elrios' Frontier?
When players reach the end of the Distant Ruins, they'll notice a portal gate that wasn't there before. Only players who have
completed the quest condition "Enter Distant Ruin" can gain access to the new map. Atlas Station will only be available via Cobo
Express after your first visit there.

Atlas Station is more than just a resting place for weary travelers. This station has the crucial role of managing Diceon ores
which are essential materials in Elrios. These ores have the ability to store the aura of El. The other-worldly charm of the
futuristic region that lies beyond it will entice players to explore and take in the scenery.

To get to Elysion, players must get through Atlas. Elysion is located in another dimension. Hidden between mountains, the veiled
city was revealed when the Demon God, Sult, caused destruction to the region.

Atlas Station Manager
Equipment Shop Owner | Peddler

Yuno is a third generation Nasod and manager of the Atlas
Station. He and Nono seem to be the only ones around
the station apart from Glave.

Everything looks a little different here,
including the place where you get your mail
The dungeons on the way to Elysion are rife with mechanical enemies.
Watch out for projectiles and explosions and reap the sweet reward at the end.
Step out of Atlas Station and players will find an almost alien scene.
The fields are teeming with overgrowth from gigantic and outlandish monsters that roam the area.