Have a relaxing dip and let the waters soothe your worries away! Visit these lovely hot spring spots in Ruben & Lanox! Players will be allowed to enter the respective Hot Springs once they visit the regions they are associated with. For the Ruben Hot Springs, players must be at least level 10 to enter.

Spirit Falls
(Ruben Hot Springs)

Charming Geyser
(Lanox Hot Springs)
  • Talking to Ruben and Lanox Hot Spring NPCs will let you play a rock-paper-scissors mini-game!
  • A fee of 10,000 ED is required every time you want to start the game.
  • To begin, talk to the NPC and click on the 'Game' button. This will bring up the game UI.
  • The fee will only be deducted from the player when they click on the 'Start Game' button.
  • Once a player starts, a vertical line will move across the bar. The player will also notice a stationary rectangle (varying in size) inside the bar.
  • Wait for the vertical line to reach the stationary rectangle, then choose Rock, Paper, or Scissors before it goes past the rectangle. You may use the Z (Rock), X (Scissor) and C (Paper) buttons or click the icons manually.
  • Choosing one of the three options after the line has passed is considered a foul and you can retry after the wait time.
  • Choosing before the vertical line reaches the rectangle is an automatic loss.
  • If a game results in a draw, the game will reset immediately with no wait times.
  • There will be a wait time of 10 seconds for each result in the game (except if the game is a draw).
  • Winning against the NPC will reward the players with a Special Sweet Rice Drink.

Special Sweet Rice Drink
Immediately fills 3 Awakening beads or
gives 330 DP (Add)/Awakening
Phase 3 bead (Ain) upon usage.
Cooldown time: 60 seconds
  • Some things are just too important to forget! For easy access to your important deals, while also soaking your troubles away, a Board has been installed in the middle of the hot springs for both Ruben and Lanox for your convenience!
  • Previously, the spas have been separated into two tubs called, "Ventus' Tub" and Denif's Tub. Now, the two tubs have been unified as now only called Denif's Tub.
  • Players will also receive Denif's Blessing buff when they stay for over 6 minutes. Denif's Blessing will give +30% EXP (Dungeon/PVP) and +5% Critical / Attack Speed / Additional Damage / Maximize (Dungeon).
  • Buff's duration has now been increased to 30 minutes.
  • Characters wearing Item Mall costumes or quest costumes will have a lesser wait time to acquire the buff.
  • Miss Boiled Eggs? A new friend, the Spa Phoru, will come around and sell you some!
  • The Spa Phoru will appear randomly in the Hot Spring.
  • Players will only be able to interact with it when it takes out a picket and starts digging.
  • Clicking on the Spa Phoru will deduct 20,000 ED from the player and they will receive 1 Boiled Egg.
Players are now able to store EXP via a new system called Relax EXP.
  • Relax EXP can be acquired through normal means – by fighting enemies in dungeons, fields, and through PVP. Players can store up to 50% of your character's current EXP that's required to level up.
  • To view the Relax EXP Gauge, players only have to click their EXP Gauge once. Then click again to return to the standard EXP Gauge.
  • To convert the Rest EXP you've gathered during your playtime, you only have to return to any of the Hot Springs. Sit down, relax and wait for it to be converted into standard EXP.
  • As the Stored Relax EXP slowly converts to standard EXP, a red bar will slowly take over the green bar signifying that an exp conversion is on-going.
  • The player will no longer receive any Stored Relax Exp once the red bar takes over or the character has received 50% of the required exp to level up.
  • Characters level 99 will not be able to have Relax EXP.
  • When the El Resonance Gauge is open, the EXP gauge will not change into Rest EXP when clicked.
Experience ultimate relaxation in the hot springs' all-new attire!
  • Players can receive a weekly Hot Springs attire and a sit motion when the condition of this quest has been completed:
NPC Quest Name Quest Type Requirement Reward Item Name
Bulletin Board Relax in the
Hot Springs
Weekly Quest
(Per Character)
Clear dungeons
within level range 4x
[Cobo] Hot Spring Custom Sit
(7 days) Cube (1 Day)
[Cobo] Spa Wear Costume
(7 Days) Random Cube (1 Day)
  • Hot Spring Customization effect upon use is only good for 7 days.
  • The following costume suits are also available at the Item Mall now!
Charming Geyser /
Spirit Falls Spa Wear Costume Suit

1200 K-Ching
Charming Geyser Spa Robe Costume Suit /
Spirit Falls Spa Robe Costume Suit

1200 K-Ching