Invite friends over for epic house parties and decorate your abode however you want!

How to Get a Housing Contract

There are 3 ways to get a Housing Contract:

Characters must be level 99 to use a Housing Contract and open an El House per character.
(However, characters who are not level 99 can visit other players’ houses)
How to Enter a House
El House Mode:

Decorate, change your settings, and more with these functions!

Edit Mode Freely arrange furniture purchased through NPC Ariel or the Item Mall.
Studio View your El House using the Studio Camera.
Invite Send an invitation to another player. Up to 8 players (including yourself) can enter your El House.
Obtain Furniture Effect Certain furniture have Stamina Recovery / Pet Affinity Increase / Furniture Blessing Buff effects.

DIY El House Purchase You can purchase DIY El House (Nobility) from the Item Mall (2020-05-20 00:00 ~ 2020-08-11 23:59). When you place 3 or more [Special] furniture in your El House, you will get a ‘DIY El House (Nobility) Season Effect’.
El House Expansion Purchase the Housing Expansion Contract from the Item Mall to expand up to Stage 5.
El House Tip

Furniture Effect (Buff)

  • Obtainable (Stamina Recovery / Affinity Increase / Furniture Blessing Buff Effect) through [Obtain Furniture Effect] button within the House.
  • In order to obtain the effects, a certain duration must pass after placing the furniture. Effects do not stack when you place identical items.
  • Can obtain ‘Season Buff’ by placing 3 [Special] Nobility furniture. The effect will last until the items are removed from the item mall.
  • You cannot stack ‘Furniture Blessing Buff (Enhanced)’ with ‘Furniture Blessing Buff’.

Other Tips

  • When you dismantle furniture, you can obtain material items you can use to craft furniture item of the same grade.
  • If you want to sell rare furniture on the market board, you need a Phoru's Sealing Label. You can get them in the Item Mall.
Housing Celebration Event 2

05/27/2020 – 06/02/2020 (Ends 23:59 PDT)
There’s more to celebrate when you’ve got a house to party in!


[Cobo] Housing Buff Trial Ticket*

You can try out how your sweet abode will feel like with this ticket!
Level 10 & up; per account

Housing Buff Trial Ticket Effect
Critical +5%
Action Speed +5%
Additional Damage +5%
Maximize +5%
EXP Gain +35%
*Housing Buff Trial Ticket Effect will not stack with other housing buffs, ‘Denif’s Blessing’ or ‘Raid Party's Resolve’
*[Cobo] Housing Buff Trial Ticket will be deleted at 2020-06-02 23:59

Clear 3 dungeons within your level range and
Select one of these awesome rewards:

Level 10 & up; per account

[Luriel] Stamina
Potion x1

[Luriel] Life Stamina
Potion x1

[Luriel] Refined Recovery
Potion x30