After the events in Elrianode, an unknown Time Gate began appearing at certain
time intervals.

Curious, the El Search Party asked Glave if it was his doing,
but Glave also did not know the reason behind the strange phenomenon.

“No. I have nothing to do with this, for once.
Kuhuhu… though it does sound interesting.
Perhaps you should check it out.”

Upon his suggestion, the El Search Party enters the unknown Time Gate.

Behind the Gate,
the Corrupted Drabaki – The Warden of Darkness
was awaiting for the arrival of the El Search Party.

Required Level: 99
Appropriate Item Level: 180
Max Players: 8 (Max 4 Pre-made Party)
Max Play Time : 8 min.
Resurrection: Unlimited
Mount: Mount is allowed (Cannot use Mount skills)
Location: Special Tab

*No EXP is given.
*Stamina will not be consumed
*Character must have reached at least transcendence
Enter Once per Time Slot
*Following times are listed in PDT (UTC-7)

The Twisted Time and Space Key allows players to enter 'Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak’ once more.

Can be purchased at the Item Mall.

Players can check the remaining time via the timer icon found on top of the screen

* icons will not appear to players below Lvl 99
Drabaki’s Wing
click image to enlarge
Critical 5%
Awk. Charge Speed 5%
movement Speed 10%
Jump Speed 5%
Corrupted Dragon Slayer

Physical Attack Power +3%
Magical Attack Power +3%
Physical Defense Power +5%
Magical Defense Power +5%
Corrupted Dragon's Blood

hover icons for descriptions
4 kinds of buff will be given in
turns every 5 seconds
Destructive Change
[Red Color Effect]

- Physical Attack Power + 10%
Passionate Change
[Blue Color Effect]

- Magical Attack Power + 10%
Emotional Change
[Green Color Effect]

- 10% chance of HP 1% recov-
ery when you attack (5 sec)
Ruinous Change
[Purple Color Effect]

- 100% chance to add ‘Destruct-
ion of Time and Space’ Debuff
when you attack (5 sec)
Usurper of Twisted
Time and Space

[FORCE] Fog of Death
When used, slow down all enemies within the
skill's range and deal damage over time.
05/09/2018 – 05/15/2018 (Ends 23:59 PDT) (UTC -7)
Level 99; per account

[Cobo] Mana
Elixir x30
[Cobo] Twisted Time &
Space Key x1
[Cobo] Elrianode
Defense Request x9
[Cobo] Sage’s Magic
Stone x5
(hover to see contents)

[Cobo] Drabaki Update Promo Selective Cube x1
Use Skills 100x (Arena & Dungeon, excluding Ruben)
05/02/2018 – 05/08/2018 (Ends 23:59 PDT) (UTC -7)
Level 99; per character
[Cobo] Twisted Time and Space Key x1
When you login for an accumulated time of 20 minutes!