Level 15-98, must at least 1st Job, 1st Job Path
You may select up to 2 characters to participate in this event
Must be at least 1st Job; Must be 1st Job Path Characters;

Lv. 99 Transcendent Characters Cannot Participate

You can choose your 2 characters at a later time
by clicking on the character selection screen.
Level 70 or higher 2nd Job; Event Character
Level 90 or higher; Event Character
Level 90 or higher 2nd Job, 1st Job Path
Level 99; per Event Character

You can find all these information in-game by clicking outside the character selection screen.

*Maximum enhancement figure can’t exceed +10 enhancement for +3 weapon enhancement buffs. If your weapon has +9 enhancement, the enhancement buff will be adjusted to be +10.
*Once you select your characters for the event, there’s no going back. Even if you delete the character that you have chosen to initially receive the benefits, you will not be able to choose another.
* Sage’s Magic Stones will not be bank shareable.