In this new dungeon mode, monsters are stronger and harder to kill than their normal mode counterparts. You can party up and plough through this challenge with friends or strangers, or try going solo!

Heroic Mode Local Map System
  • Only players level 80 and above can do the Heroic Dungeon Mode.
    Players below level 80 will see the tab on the map UI but it will be grayed out.
  • Ruben is not included in the Heroic Dungeon.
  • Queueing or starting the dungeon with current members is the same as in normal mode.
  • A Heroic Invitation is needed to do the dungeon mode even if the player is level 80 or above.
  • Players will not receive EXP, but Stamina will not decrease in Heroic Dungeon Mode.
  • Players will not receive a Random Mission during a Heroic Dungeon run.
  • Dungeons included in the mode will not be affected by drop rate events.
  • Hero Coins will not be given upon completion of any dungeons included in the mode.


  • Riding a mount will not be allowed inside any of the dungeons in Heroic Dungeon Mode.
    Players who try to enter while riding a mount will be dismounted.
Resurrection is limited when doing Heroic Dungeon Mode, so try not to die!
  • A maximum of three Resurrection Stones can be used per run.
  • Resurrection stones will appear as shown below:
  • Players will be given an option to purchase a Resurrection Stone from the Item Mall when they run out.
  • Players can use Resurrection Stones on each other. A player reviving another fallen player will be the one to use up stones.
  • If you do not choose to purchase Resurrection Stones and have ran out, a pop-up message will appear informing you that you have run out of stones. When soloing, players will be teleported out but those in a party can wait to be resurrected.
  • Players will fail the dungeon when all of the members are defeated and are unable to revive using Resurrection Stones.
Fear not, lone hero. Soloing Heroic Dungeon Mode will not be too hard, for you will receive buffs!
  • Players who queue will immediately get the "Heroes Assemble Lv. 4" buff which increases Physical/Magical Attack, Physical/Magical Defense, and HP
  • The efficiency of the buff will depend on the number of people in the party. The more people, the lesser the Buff effect.
Physical/Magical Attack +90% +60% +30% +0%
Physical/Magical Defense +15% +10% +5% +0%
HP +15% +10% +5% +0%
No matter how hard it gets, you must push through! Or you'll get a debuff.
  • When you quit an instance, you will get a debuff that blocks you from entering a Heroic Dungeon. The debuff lasts for 10 minutes.
  • Debuffs will not take effect if you clear or fail a Heroic Dungeon, as long as you keep playing and do not quit an instance midway.
You'll notice a change in dungeon ambiance to simulate your possible impending doom.
Can you feel the danger?
The Absolute
When the Absolute Aura engulfs monsters, it spells more trouble for adventurers in the Heroic Dungeon Mode.
  • A monster with the Absolute Aura will give players a variety of debuffs.
  • The player will get "The Absolute Monster" debuff, that lasts for 30 seconds, when killed while battling the monster.
  • Normal monsters engulfed by The Absolute will receive buffs at a random chance.
  • The debuffs The Absolute makes will have a chance to extend.

Monster on top does not have The Absolute Aura;
the monster at the bottom does.
This monster will appear randomly inside dungeons included in Heroic Dungeon Mode.
  • Has a 25% chance to appear in dungeons. Does not appear in the first and boss stages.
  • When players have killed Wimp, they will receive one of the following buffs at random:
    • Monster time will stop for 5 seconds
    • Receive 100% HP or there will be no decrease in HP
    • Receive 100% MP or there will be no decrease in MP
    • Skill cooldown will reset or there will be no cooldown
    • FEVER will activate
  • Players will not be able to get the same type of buff in one dungeon.