08/16/2017 – 08/29/2017 (Ends 23:59 PDT)

During the event, players will encounter these ominous
beings in all dungeons.

When they are attacked, they will disappear to another part of the dungeon stage.

Search for them to attack again because you will not be able to move on to the next stage if the fanatic has not been defeated.
*Henir Fanatics will not appear in Ruben Region Dungeons, Shadow Forest, Wally’s Castle, Elrianode City, Henir’s Time & Space,
Gates of Darkness, Ereda Island, and Dimension of Sinister Intent

Henir Fanatic Mask x1

Stamina Potion x3

Complete Recovery
Potion x30

[Cobo] Heroic
Invitation x 10
[Cobo] Secret Dungeon
Entrance Ticket x10

Sage’s Magic Stone x5

Twisted Sage’s Magic
Stone x5
*These Events are chain quests. You must complete the previous quest to move on to the next one.

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