After his parents were killed by bandits and he was left to fend for himself as a child, Ciel learned to do all he could to survive. Now an infamous hitman of a notorious gang, he suddenly found someone he could care about—an injured girl who only remembered her own name. As Ciel took care of Lu, assassins from the demon world found and attacked her one night. Ciel protected Lu, but he was killed. Right then, Lu's memory returned. She offered to revive Ciel as a half-demon if he would become her servant. In his gratefulness, he accepted the contract.
In her pursuit to occupy the empty throne of the demon overlord, Luciela R. Sourcream, an exalted leader of demons, fell to her own imprudence and was betrayed by her right-hand servant. Bound and stripped of her power, she mustered all the energy she had left to escape the realm of demons, to the land of Elrios. Due to the vast amount of mana she used for the journey, Lu emerged in Elrios as a little child. However, this will not stop her from hunting down the demons plaguing Elrios, to recover her power and stature.
Elsword Online's groundbreaking
dual character arrives July 1st. Watch out!