Magic Stones Revamp
+0 Equipment Still Gets the Best Sockets
Even at +0 enhancements, magic stone socket effects will be as effective as existing
+12 enhancements All magic stones will now list all possible socket effects in the item tool tip.

– The Better Superior Magic Stone
Refined Magic Stone Added.
This new magic stones are better than Advanced Magic Stones!

You can complete weekly chain quests to get Refined Magic Stones!
Quest Name Quest Type Quest Requirement Reward
[Elrianode] Mystical
Magic Stone 1/5
Chain Weekly Quest
(per Account)
(per Server)
Clear Elrianode
Dungeon 1 Time
(Hall of El Excluded)
Magic Stone x5
[Elrianode] Mystical
Magic Stone 2/5
Clear Elrianode
Dungeon 2 Times
(Hall of El Excluded)
Magic Stone x5
[Elrianode] Mystical
Magic Stone 3/5
Clear Elrianode
Dungeon 4 Times
(Hall of El Excluded)
Magic Stone x5
[Elrianode] Mystical
Magic Stone 4/5
Clear Elrianode
Dungeon 7 Times
(Hall of El Excluded)
Magic Stone x5
[Elrianode] Mystical
Magic Stone 5/5
Clear Elrianode
Dungeon 10 Times
(Hall of El Excluded)
Magic Stone x5
Item Revamp
- So... This is [Luriel] so I Can Bank Share?

Depending on if it can be Share Banked/Traded/Auto Deleted will differentiate to Normal/Luriel/Ariel/Cobo.

Item Name (Sample) Share Bank Trade Auto Delete
Complete Recovery
[Luriel] Complete
Recovery Potion
[Ariel] Complete
Recovery Potion
[Cobo] Complete
Recovery Potion

El Resonance Revamp
- All Skill Damage Options? Say No More!
-El Resonance options will be changed to below:

Common Dungeon Support
All Attack Power +10
(No Limit)
All Skill Damage +0.35%
(Max 100 Points)
Skill MP Cost -0.2%
(Max 100 Points)
All Defense +10
(No Limit)
Polarize: Attack/Attacked Damage +0.15%
(Max 50 Points)
Skill Cooldown -0.2%
(Max 100 Points)
All Resistance +10
(Max 50 Points)
Damage to Bosses +0.3%
(Max 50 Points)
EXP Gain +2%
(Max 100 Points)
Max HP +0.5%
(Max 50 Points)
Damage From Bosses -0.4%
(Max 50 Points)
ED Gain +2%
(Max 100 Points)
Max MP +2
(Max 50 Points)
Adaptability +0.07%
(Max 100 Points)
Item Drop Rate +2%
(Max 100 Points)

*All Character ERPs will be reset.
*Hyperactives will not be affected by ‘All Skill Damage’
*Dungeon Category ERPs will not work in PvP

- New Quests to Receive El Resonance Reset Items!

Quest Name Quest Type Quest Requirement Reward #
Power of
El Resonance!
Normal Quest
(Per Character)
Use 10 El Resonance Points
(Includes Points that are
already used)
[Ariel] El Resonance
Point Reset Coin
New Power of
Normal Quest
(Per Character)
Reach Lv.99 [Ariel] El Resonance
Point Reset Scroll

* Quest rewards cannot be traded/sold/share banked.
* Item [Cobo] El Resonance Point Reset Scroll will be deleted after 15 days of receiving the item.
Dungeon Revamp
- It’s More Fun to Play with Others!

When queueing for Dungeons, you will now have an option to ‘wait’ for other players to join!
Dungeon runs with 2 or more party members will get as much EXP and Rewards as doing runs!
Retrying dungeons when you are playing solo will no longer give you ‘Heroes Assemble’ buff.

+9 Heroic Weapon Amulet? More Energy Shards? Count Me In!
Special Dungeon Quests now give more/better rewards.

[Secret Dungeon] Hidden
Dungeon Revealed
Secret Dungeon Weapon
+5 Weapon -> +7 Weapon
[Heroic] Twisted Time
and Space Portal
Heroic Weapon
Temporary (30 Days) -> Permanent
[Heroic] Birth of a New Hero Heroic Weapon Only Magic Amulet
Lv. 8 -> Lv.9
[Add's Energy Fusion Theory]
Energy Form Overload
Per Account -> Per Character
Daily/Weekly Quests Added

Mailbox Added to Hot Springs
- I’m Never Ever Leaving Hot Springs

Varnimyr Revamp
- Now I Stay at the Camp to Get My Buff

Camp: Crimson Edge now gives ‘Raid Party’s Resolve’ buff if you stay for 6 min.
(Does not stack with Hot Spring Buff)

Buff: Raid Party’s Resolve
Damage to Bosses Increased by 2%
Damage Received from Bosses
Decreased by 2%
Adaptability Increased by 2%

- Hello? Looking for Someone Running 12-6?
You can now apply for raid parties, or look for raid party members!
*Right-click on your character to start

- Adapting to the Demon Realm

-Demon Realm Debuff no longer decrease Defense
- Demon Realm Debuff will be decreased as the following.

Labyrinth of Ruin
30% → 10%
Guardian’s Forest
30% → 10%
Dark Elves’ Outpost
30% → 10%
Forsaken Spirit Asylum
30% → 20%

Find the Full List of Improvements in the Patch Notes: