A faulty weapon is unsafe to its holder, and it’s about time the expert fighter fixed his own. True to form, the mercenary takes crucial parts from his dreadful enemies’ defenses. With these and a little help, he improves the Nasod arm to better withstand overheating and deal even deadlier attacks.



The Nasod arm may be capable of massive destruction, but Raven is alarmed that it is overheating far too often now. The mercenary needs to get it fixed before it fails him in battle, and before long, he approaches the Ponggos for their expertise.
Raven is then sent out to collect rare materials for the repair: Ignis’s arm that blasts out nuclear flames, for greater firepower; the dark steel of Durahan Knight, for better heat resistance; and enchanted, mass-altering golem fragments, for making the usually heavy dark steel easier to carry. Gathering all these from such huge, dangerous monsters is clearly not simple, but Raven succeeds nonetheless.
The Ponggos complete the Nasod arm enhancement, and soon, Raven becomes the distinguished Veteran Commander—a temperamental yet compassionate leader of fighters.



Once Raven evolves from Weapon Taker into Veteran Commander,
new skills will be added to his skill tree.

Deadly Raid
With this special active skill, Raven sets the Nasod arm ablaze and hits the target. Going into overheat leads to more punches.
Mercenary Survival Strategy
This passive skill enables Raven to overheat beyond his limits. It boosts his physical and magical defenses, as well as his resistance to elemental effects.
Ignition Crow
This is a special active skill that lets Raven quickly send out a fiery crow. It will fly over a certain distance and leave the path burning behind it.
Shadow Backslide
This is a passive skill that builds on Raven’s Shadow Step, allowing him to reverse the direction mid skill. Pressing X when activating Shadow Step also makes Raven do a backflip and release 3 grenades to the ground.
Fatal Wound
An active skill that causes targets to bleed. When used on the ground, Raven swipes downward with his blade, and when done in the air, he slices upward.



Play as Veteran Commander today! Grab a Class Change Ticket for an advanced Raven to switch jobs between different paths.


Shadow Backslide
Skill Unlock Item
  Veteran Commander
2nd Job Change Item