Number of Player(s): 1
Req. Character Level: Level 10 – 99
Req. Item Level: Level 0
Entry Limit: Magical Treasure Map required
*Special Items (Quick Slot items included), Pet Fetch Aura, and Mounts (players will be dismounted) are not allowed. Potions and Elixirs are not usable inside, however, players can use them before entering and the effect will stay.

The Treasure Box icon located at the top of the screen will bring up the dungeon interface

Players can only start the dungeon alone.
Players must have a dungeon ticket before entering.
  • The dungeon will have 4 stages, and 1 boss stage where no treasure chest will appear.
  • Total dungeon run time is 4 minutes and 30 seconds
  • When the time is up the dungeon will automatically end but rewards would still be given based on points

Treasure Box Info

Normal Treasure Box
Get 100 points
Abnormal Treasure Box
Get 200-400 points
Randomly receives buffs or debuffs
Shining Treasure Box
Get 500 points
Recover 20% HP
The Great Treasure Box
Open for Great Reward...
If you dare!
Gold Coins are rewarded based on points and "opening"
the Great Treasure Box

Gold Coins can be exchanged for the following rewards
through Ariel until 06/13/2017 (11:59 PM PDT)

x1 coins
Recovery Potion
x3 coins
2D Potion
x10 coins
Magic Stone /
Twisted Sage's
Magic Stone x1
x15 coins
Medal of
Greed x1
x60 coins
2D Weapon Chest
x90 coins
2D S.U.I.T Chest
[Cobo] 2D Potion: Will be deleted on 06/13/2017 (11:59 PM PDT)
2D Weapon and S.U.I.T
Earn tickets on the weekdays and weekends when
you log-in for an accumulated time of 10 minutes!

Gift for Treasure Hunter
Per character level 10 & up
[Cobo] Magical Treasure Map
x3 Monday to Friday (11:59 PM PDT)
x5 Saturday to Sunday (11:59 PM PDT)

[Cobo] Magical Treasure Map: Will be deleted
on 06/13/2017 (11:59 PM PDT)
Players also may get the following items from destroying treasure boxes in the dungeon:
Emergency Food

(50% HP/MP Recovery)
Mysterious Potion
(100% HP/MP Recovery)
Both will be deleted on 06/13/2017
(11:59 PM PDT)

Cash Item Addition! Magical Treasure Map
25 K-Ching

*If a player has both [Cobo] Magical Treasure Map and Magical Treasure Map
in their inventory, the [Cobo] variation will get used up first.