Known as an exceptional archer and bearer of a legendary blade,
She has the knack for snares, entangling enemies with ease.
Foes will instinctively run the other way… if she doesn't catch them first.
Bow and Arrows, Blade and Snares
Rena, a talented archer, has taken on the road to help recover the missing El and preserve the link between this world of mortals and her first home, the elven realm. On the road, Rena comes into contact with an organization called the Night Savers, a mysterious order of elves. They are trained assassins and secret agents who run covert operations to defend the land.

The Night Savers' stealth work draws Rena's interest, and it leads her to the hallowed tree Eldrasil, the patron of this secret order. Eldrasil bestows upon her a mythical blade named Erendil and the power to command magic winds. To complete Rena's transformation into a stealth warrior, Eldrasil delivers one final gift: the ability to use the forces of nature to set fatal traps for her enemies.

Fearsome Rena can call on any of her countless combat abilities to annihilate her targets once they fall for her traps. As she moves up to become a Trapping Ranger, she proves to be an impressive member of the El Search Party and a formidable adversary to those who dare cross her path.