These last set of skills will take your heroes to the pinnacle of power! Sweep out the competition with these epic skills!

• Transcendence will expand each character's skill tree and will add the Transcendence skills in phases.
A couple of small additions have also been implemented in the Transcendence update.

  • Players can now experience a 30% increase in attack power during Awakening state with the Transcendence update.
  • A few aesthetic changes in awakening have also been added, such as: the Transcendence effect, a special Transcendence Awakening Skill Cut-in, and an Awakening voice over.

Transcendence Effect

Transcendence Skill Cut-In

Skill Slots
  • Two skill slots have been added. One can be unlocked via a quest and the other can be unlocked using a Skill Slot Change Medal (Transcendence) found at the Item Mall.
  • When a Transcendence skill has been placed into one of the new skill slots, there is a chance to activate the skill with a buff. When activated the skill slot and the skill icon will look like this.
When not in cooldown, attack power will be increased by 20%
When in cooldown, cooldown will reset
Cooldown time: 10 seconds
When the skill is used, the buff will disappear

Weapon Basic Stat Addition
  • Basic stats information will now be added to weapons level 70 and above after completing Transcendence.
  • Added stats are Physical Defense Power and Magical Defense Power.
These special items are now available at the Item Mall! Get 'em now!

Transcendence Scroll:
God's Will
500 K-Ching

Class Change Ticket
3,700 K-Ching

Skill Slot Change Medal
230 K-Ching