Will the humans prevail or
will zombies take over?

# of Players: 2-6
Req. Player Level: 10 – 99
Entry Limit: No limit

*pets, titles, quick slots, exp gain,
and resurrection will be disabled.

Click the Guild Tab in the Dungeon UI and choose Zombie Invasion!

Once you and your guildmates enter,
there will be a 20-second countdown to prep.
After the countdown, one random player
will be turned into a zombie!

Z/Z Jump Fire missiles ahead   Z/Z Jump Swing arms ahead
X Set a destructible obstacle   X Set a trap
C Significantly decrease moving
speed for a short duration
  C Significantly decrease moving
speed for a short duration
  • If a human player is killed, they will turn into a zombie. Run away or fight!
  • Once all zombies are killed or time has run out, the human players will win.
    When the zombies have turned all the humans into zombies, they will win!

Items will appear at random places in the map! Get ‘em before the enemy does!

There will be bases at both ends of the map!
These bases cannot be accessed from the top or bottom of the map, they must be entered from the front. Defense zones can be exited anytime. Random defense zones will be moved every 20 seconds
allowing players to enter either from the top or bottom!