As though the past reached out to help the present, the young guardian finds his now corrupted father’s previous research work on improving the Destroyer. In hopes of saving Hamel and the rest of Elrios, with this manuscript and practical guidance from experts, he forges on to become a master of dealing an explosive deluge at will.

In his quest to further improve his weapon and abilities, Chung eventually turns up in his father’s workshop. He uncovers his father’s research on enhancing the Destroyer cannon that was drawn up before the elder defender of Hamel was possessed by demons. Chung uses the information as a guide, but he needs help to make it a reality.
Adel, the Ponggo mechanic from Altera, offers to help build the Disfrozen Portal, an engine that can generate boundless amounts of El energy for the Destroyer. With the help of Echo and Lento as well, the engine is completed in time. This development promises to take his skill to the next level and refine his strategic ability. Now the Tactical Trooper, he has come closer than ever to saving Hamel.


Once Chung evolves from Shelling Guardian into Tactical Trooper,
new skills will be added to his skill tree.

Cannon Strike
Chung strikes down with the cannon, then reloads and reverse-smashes the cannon into his foes before entering Siege Shelling mode.
Reactive Armor
With this passive skill, Chung increases his damage reduction capability upon awakening. The effect will be amplified according to the number of awakening beads used.
Tactical Field
Chung emits a tactical field that wounds enemies and causes a buff effect on himself and his allies who are standing in it.
Mobile Shelling
This passive skill enables Chung to convert Siege Shelling into a stronger, mobile Artillery Shelling mode with a press of the downward direction key.
Mortar Fire
Chung deploys a mortar that will fire at targets for a certain period. Once deployed, it will damage nearby enemies and fire at any target in the vicinity.



Become a Tactical Trooper today! Get a Class Change Ticket for an advanced Chung to switch jobs between different paths.


Mobile Shelling
Skill Unlock Item
  Tactical Trooper
2nd Job Change Item