Only 1 Enhancement Aid Item
needed to enhance!

(Blessed Fluorite Ore/Blessed Fluorite Ore (Armor Only),
Blessed Restoration Scroll, Blessed Enhancement Stone)

Enhancement Gifts!

Easily enhance your equipment and get these rewards just for logging in!
Level 10 and up; per account

Login 20 min Everyday
07/31 ~ 08/01* + 08/10 + 08/17 PDT

[Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore

Login 40 min
Lucky El’s
Hammer x5
Login 60 min
[Cobo] Blessed
Restoration Scroll x10
*Players who qualify for rewards on both 7/31 and 8/01 will only receive 1 (item).
An additional reward item can be received on 8/10 and 8/17, for those who qualify by logging in for a total of 60 minutes, on those days.


10 minutes accumulative login
Level 10 and up; per account

Lucky Enhancement Equipment Cube

+7 Lucky Enhancement
Equipment (2)

+7 Lucky Enhancement
Armor (3)

  • * You can extract 1 Lucky Magic Amulet or 1 Lucky Magic Amulet (Armor only) per Lucky Enhancement Equipment/Armor.
  • * To extract, your Lucky Enhancement Equipment must be Lv. 8 or higher
  • * You must have 1 [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore and 1 [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll to extract.
       Regular Blessed Fluorite Ore and Blessed Restoration Scroll may also be used,
       however, the [Cobo] version will be consumed first if both items are present in the inventory.
  • * You can also use Blessed Fluorite Ore (Armor Only) to extract Lucky Enhancement Armor
  • * Lucky Enhancement Equipment/Armor will be deleted automatically on 2019-08-21.