Now you can compete for both the PVP Accessories and cool K-Ching!

PVP League Prize K-Ching
Manually distributed based on League Rankings every 8 weeks
League Rank NA INT
1 18,000 18,000
2 14,000 14,000
3 9,000 9,000
4 - 10 2,700 2,700
11 - 100 900 -

  • A League is a set period of every two months (8 weeks) in which PVP competitors are ranked.
  • When a league has ended, a reward is given to top ranking PVP participants.
  • Dismantling the Star Rank and regular reward accessories will yield the same item (Radiant Champion’s Aura).
  • When exchanging the dismantled items, you may only receive the regular rank accessories.
  • An account may only receive one reward. If the player qualifies for more than one reward, they will only be given the reward for their highest PVP League ranked character.

  • When you click the Arena PVP Start button, the remaining time for the ongoing league is displayed.
  • The Arena PVP Start UI also displays how far along you are in achieving the next rank up.

  • The fiercest PVP-ers may now earn the right to wear these Radiant Champion’s Accessories!
Radiant Champion’s AccessoriesBlindingly Radiant Champion’s Accessories

PVP League Rewards How to Acquire
Radiant Champion’s Accessory
Full Set Cube (7 days)
Epic Quest Reward
[PvP] Become A Champion!
Radiant Champion’s Helm
Radiant Champion’s Cape
Radiant Champion’s Leg Wing
Radiant Champion’s Earrings
Reach E Rank to be able to purchase
through Camilla
ED 100,000
AP 7,700
(Untradeable, Unique, 1 time Sealing only)
Blindingly Radiant Champion’s Helm
Blindingly Radiant Champion’s Cape
Blindingly Radiant Champion’s Leg Wing
Blindingly Radiant Champion’s Earrings
Reach Star Rank to be able to purchase
through Camilla
ED 100,000
AP 6,500
(Untradeable, Unique, 1 time Sealing only)
Radiant Champion’s Aura Dismantle a Radiant Champion
accessory to get 3 of these;
Accumulate 10 of these and go
to Camilla to exchange for a
Radiant Accessory of your choice.
Radiant Champion’s Helm Cube
Radiant Champion’s Cape Cube
Radiant Champion’s Leg Wing Cube
Radiant Champion’s Earrings Cube
Select Exchange

  • The new PVP accessories will have new random effects and set effects. Random effects increase based on the user’s Rank.

  • Random Options
    - Attack Speed
    - Critical
    - Additional Damage
    - Awakening Charge Stat
    - Increase
    - Damage Reduction
    - HP
    - MP gain on Attack
    - MP gain on Receiving Attack
    - Specialization A
    - Specialization B
    - Maximize
    - Awaken Time
    - Movement Stat
    - Jump Stat
    - All resistance
    - Critical Resistance
    - Additional Damage Resistance

    1. New Random Effects
      - Critical Resistance
      - Additional Damage Resistance
    2. PvP Accessory Only Set Option
      • - 2 Set: Debuff removed when awakened (Cooldown: 60 sec.)
      • - 3 Set: 15% chance to increase Knockdown by 20% for 7 sec. (5 Stacks)
      • - 4 Set: HP increase 2.0% (PVP Rank applies) (Max: 50% of max HP)

  • Maximum options to apply changes have been raised from 2 to 3. The digits are also random.
  • Unwanted accessories can be dismantled or traded. Each one is tradable after sealing. Dismantling yields 3 pieces of the accessory material (Radiant Champion’s Aura).
  • PVP Season 4 accessories sale has ended.

  • Once the PVP Season ends, a special reward is given based on the Rank achieved.
  • Star Ranked players are able to PVP exclusive items at a lower AP cost.
  • Take on the new Star Rank Weekly Quest! Season 4 PvP Master Title Quest has ended.
Quest Title Quest Type AP Reward AP Stacked Reward Sparring Enhancement Fragment Reward Sparring Enhancement Fragment Stacked Reward
[PvP] E Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 100 100 2 2
[PvP] D Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 100 200 2 4
[PvP] C Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 200 400 4 8
[PvP] B Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 400 800 8 16
[PvP] A Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 800 1600 16 32
[PvP] S Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 1600 3200 32 64
[PvP] SS Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 3200 6400 64 128
[PvP] SSS Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 6400 12800 128 256
[PvP] Star Rank Achieved Weekly Quest 12800 25600 256 512

LANOX LAVA This is a small, curved map. Beware of the lava as it inflicts damage on anyone who gets too close.

JUDGE'S HEART This is a medium-sized map with both curved and straight features. Players can use the jump
pads set at each end of the map for a more exciting and unpredictable battle.

  • Matching Revised
    • Matching time has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • A non-matching issue experienced by high ranking players has been revised.
    • The issue in which players met the same opponent frequently has been revised.
  • Stat Control
    • PvP Stats are controlled based on the player’s rank. If the rank is higher, the stat is much more controlled (Attack decrease, HP increase).
    • Rank is added to the original PvP controlled calculation to increase play time in high ranked players. (Rank number is divided in Attack and multiplied in HP to increase play time.)
    • The rank calculation is applied to all PvP players based on the highest ranker in that match.
  • More Rank Rewards
    • AP and EXP reward is higher based on PvP Rank. (The higher the rank, the higher the reward)
    • High Ranked players’ reward for 1 win and 1 loss is similar to the reward for 2 wins in low rank.