Savage White-Ghost's Castle

  • The occurrence of Hadron's Copies' special patterns from happening simultaneously will be decreased.
  • Haivan stage sealing device will be affected by debuffs (excluding debuffs that prevents action).

Altar of Invocation

  • Berthe's scratch patterns will be affected by debuffs.
  • Berserk Berthe will be affected by debuff when in the groggy state (Excluding debuffs that incapacitate).
  • Berserk Berthe will be affected by debuffs during the Black/White Barrier pattern (the phase where the light comes out of the symbol on the shoulder) (excluding debuffs that incapacitate).
  • Annihilator cannot be passed through during laser pattern.
  • Annihilator will be affected by debuffs during laser pattern (exclude debuffs that incapacitates
  • HP of ice pillars summoned by Annihilator will be adjusted.

04/28/2021 - 05/11/2021 (23:59 PDT)
Clear dungeons within your level range 5 times to get these awesome rewards!
Level 10 and up; Per account

[Luriel] Adaptation Elixir x1 [Luriel] Fighter Potion x5 [Luriel] Red-Bean Sherbet x20