The Profession System in Elsword Online allows you to choose a special craftsman’s capability for each one of your characters. You can select one among the available professions—Treasure Hunter, Blacksmith, or Alchemist. Each one comes with special benefits. Craftsmanship can be increased up to Lv. 10 for each profession.
To switch to another profession, you need to have a number of Professions Change Tickets depending on your craftsmanship level. In case you change your mind, you can still go back to your original profession. Professions Change Tickets are available at the Item Mall.


Profession Coin Coupon
Only 100 K-Ching each
Available until December 16, 2014
Purchase Limit: 10 per account
Find out how to use it
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Professions Change Ticket
New Regular Item
Only 170 K-Ching each
Allows one character to switch from
one profession to another.
Love finding shiny things? Be a Treasure Hunter!

  • Discover Treasure Chests when you play dungeons. Destroy them to raise your craftsmanship level.

  • Acquire better items from the Treasure Chests as your craftsmanship level increases.

  • Get better premium items and add more to your craftsmanship level with the nicer Treasure Chests.

  • Non-treasure hunters in your party may be able to get the lowest grade items from treasure chests.


Pull even better weapons and armor within reach!

  • Gain access to Advanced Enhancement and Dismantling, and raise your craftsmanship level when you use them. Requires Mithril Gemstones, Mithril Sculptures, or Mithril Crystals.

  • Advanced Enhancement lets you enhance equips to higher levels—Great Success (+2) or Best Success (+3)—at a random rate.

  • Advanced Dismantling yields normal materials and additional special items such as Magic Amulets (from items Lv. 5-9) or Blessed Enhancement Stones (from items Lv. 1-4) at a random rate.

  • Use Advanced Dismantle on items with attributes or sockets to get Mystery El Shards and Magic Stones.
    • Mystery El Shards quantity depends on the number of El Shards used in Attributes.
    • Magic Stone quantity is random.

  • Craftsmanship levels help determine:
    • Level of success in Advanced Enhancement
    • Level of Magic Amulet, and quantities of Magic Stones and Mystery El Shards gained from Advanced Dismantling

  • Acquire random enhanced equipment from the Mysterious El Anvil! Click on the anvil 10 times, and when the anvil turns red, you’ll receive the unique item. However, each click on the anvil uses up 1 unit of its durability, and you’ll have to wait one hour for it to recover 1 unit.


Delight in crafting the best magical things!

  • Craft special items that village NPCs can’t make, such as special potions and elite summon cards.

  • Gain access to Premium Enchant. Requires Low-grade Elixir, Intermediate Elixir, or Premium Elixir.

  • Raise your craftsmanship by equipping Magic Stones in sockets and crafting items exclusive to Alchemists.

  • Socketing with a Magic Stone may result to better effects at a random rate.