Experience the All-New Pet Growth System!
An all-new Growth tab takes over the Personality Tab.
Notice that you’ll have four areas that you can improve:
“Cheer”, “Patience”, “Mastery”, and “Focus”.

Feeding your Pet increases Growth Points. These points can be invested into any of the four stats in the tab.

Reach a total of 3000 Invested Growth Points or higher, and a ‘Special Encouragement’ Skill will be made available.
Due to this, Pet Personality Reset items
will no longer be sold in the Item Mall.
All remaining items of this nature may be traded
in with Ariel for 10 El Tree Fruits each.

Grow ‘Em How You Want ‘Em!
There are four individual stats,
and each one has a specific effect on your Pet:
  • • Cheer: “Encouragement Skill” cooldown decrease
  • • Patience: “Encouragement Skill” duration increase
  • • Mastery: Pet Skill Damage Increase
  • • Focus: Pet Skill MP Cost Decrease

All Good Pets Get Treats!

Growth Points are granted each time a Pet
is fed when hungry. Here’s how they respond to food:
El Tree Fruit
1 hour 3
El Tree Seed
2 hours 2
Strange El Tree Seed
2 hours 2
Fantastic QPL Jelly
3 hours 2
QPL Jelly
3 hours 1
Strange QPL Jelly
3 hours 2
Normal Equipment
5 hours 1
Pets will need to digest the food before
the points are added to their Growth window.
Additionally, all food provides the same
gain to the hunger meter.

Old Pet’s New Tricks!
A new type of Skill will be added to your Pet once they have
a total of 3,000 Growth Points (or more) invested.

Special Encouragement Skill!
  • Separate Cooldown from normal Encouragement Skill
  • Special Encouragement activates one of the following effects at random:
    • HP/MP 50% Recovery
    • Physical/Magical Attack Power Up (5%)
    • All Skill Cooldown Reset
  • These effects may change depending on your Pet’s Status