The new Pet Expedition is here!
Send your beloved pets on a riveting journey to bring back sweet rewards!

Receive various items
that are useful for your pets!
Your expeditions start by going to the Life Icon
and choosing Pet Expedition.

(The Pet Expedition UI key can be set
in [System (ESC) > Set Custom Keyboard])
It will bring up the Pet Expedition UI.
You can select which pets to send (Max 3).
They must have 50% and higher Affinity!
*ED and Life Stamina will be consumed.
*You cannot send your pets on multiple expeditions at the same time.
* Pet Expedition Missions will be updated every day at Auto Open Time for each server at random.
*You cannot summon pets that’s on an expedition.
Pets will now gain unique traits that
may help them in their expeditions.
Check carefully which pet will suit
the expedition!
A pet with
instinctual power
A pet with
never-ending patience
A pet that wisely
handles all trials
Check out all new goodies for your beloved companions!

NEW Pet Food
El Petite Jelly
NEW Pet Accessories
Gem of Skill
Pet Digestive Medicine
Just click on the
button to use the
Digestive medicine

  • Pets will now have
    2 accessory slots.
  • Equip Gems of Skill
    that can be obtained
    through Pet Expedition.