A new party system has been added to make it more convenient to party up!


Through the Community Tab Menu
*You can also set a custom key to access
the Community Tab Menu


Through the Dungeon UI by clicking Find Party
*The Find Party button will only be available for
dungeons allowed to use the Party List (see below)
  • Elrianode (Story Mode included)
  • Varnimyr (Story Mode included)
  • Rigomor
  • Twisted Time & Space – Fahrmann’s Peak
  • Heroic Dungeon
  • Party members directly formed through invitation (or other) will not be included in the Party List. However, they can be added separately using the Create Party from the Party List commands.
  • Parties that are dormant (no change) for 60 mins will automatically be removed from the Party List.
  • To start a dungeon, you must Stop Recruiting when you create a party using the Party List.
  • Camp 'Tiny Spirit' NPC's Raid Invite button will be changed to Find Party button.
  • You can open 'Find Party' function through Community → Community (Party) menu below.
  • A View Equipment icon is added so players can easily check information of their party members.
click image to enlarge
  1. Select the Region or Dungeon you want to narrow the Party List.
  2. A list of parties using Find Party
  3. Click on the icon to refresh Party List
    Click Available Party to look at parties not at max capacity
  4. Click Create Party to create a new party
  5. Right-click on the characters in the party to see more details about the player.
  6. Check party info
  7. Decide whether to accept a player’s party application.