The bow-and-arrow expert succeeds in saving the Ponggos on an important mission, but breaks the Blade of Erendil in the process. As her friends return the favor, she receives an even better magical sword that brings her greater, more explosive powers than ever before.



The Night Savers send Rena the Trapping Ranger to investigate a kidnapping after receiving an appeal for help from the Ponggos. The elven warrior’s only mission is to find out who is behind the misdeed. But when she finds the awful King Nasod holding the Ponggos captive, she couldn’t turn away. Rena considers the Ponggos as her faithful friends, and she must rescue them at once!
With help from Elsword and the rest of their El Search Party, Rena attacks and beats King Nasod. The Trapping Ranger rescues the kidnapped Ponggos, and the community of Altera is grateful. Seeing Rena’s broken Blade of Erendil, the village’s sword smith forged it into a greater, mightier sword for the brave elf—who, from now on, carries the honor of Night Watcher.



Once Rena evolves from Trapping Ranger into Night Watcher,
new skills will be added to her skill tree.

Furious Engage
In this special active skill, Rena runs and slashes at the target three times, and then deals a great backflip kick, sending the enemy through the air.
Guardian of Eldrasil
This passive skill increases Rena’s magical attack based on the strength of her physical attack power.
Gliding Strike
This special active skill starts with Rena jumping back and hovering for a moment to shoot a wave of traps downwards at an angle. The traps explode on contact.
Calculated Strike
Rena acquired this passive skill by training with the enhanced Erendil Blade and thereby learning to strategize her attacks, at times preventing enemies from getting knocked down or increasing damage from Erendil attacks. Activated by cutting the enemy with the Erendil five times, it enhances the ZZZZZ and ZXXX combos.
Delayed Fire
When triggered, Rena goes into Delayed Fire mode where succeeding twig attacks will attach to her targets (stacks up to 5). When triggered again, all twigs will explode.



Play as Night Watcher right away! Grab a Class Change Ticket to switch
an advanced Rena to a job in a different path.


Calculated Strike
Skill Unlock Item
  Night Watcher
2nd Job Change Item