Any adventurer who visits Elrios during the event,
Will get a pop-up screen saying a reward will be given when a new character is created.

Another pop-up will show upon the adventurer's arrival at Ruben Village (Elrios' first village)

Check your inventory for Cobo Service Support Cubes

Your new recruit will receive the following items in Cobo Service Support Cubes!
[Cobo] Adventurer's Equipment Support Cube
Lv. 10   Lv. 20   Lv. 30   Lv. 40   Lv. 50   Lv. 60   Lv. 70   Lv. 80
(hover on the icons to preview their contents) *Note: Magic Necklace is a 30-Day only item

During the event, start-up packages will be on sale to give our players a boost!
Take a look at what we have!

Adventurer’s Growth Cube – Basic
1,100 K-Ching

Adventurer’s Growth Cube – Transcendence
1,100 K-Ching