While the Tenebrous Armor do not have unique set effects,
they do have new special effects called Shadow Effects.

Shadow Effect

You can use a Shadow Effect Identification Scroll to identify shadow effects.

Shadow Effect
Identification Scroll

There are 3 lines of Shadow Effects which all have different effects that can appear.

Shadow Effect Storage

While Shadow Effects cannot be reidentified, you can extract any identified Shadow Effect and store it in Effect Storage. You can also imbue these stored effects to another Tenebrous armor via Magmelia Village’s Vasili.

Effect Store can store up to 3 effects for the following equipment parts: Top, Bottom, Gloves, and Shoes. It can be expanded to a max of 6 effects store per part.


This new system will allow you to transfer your
Amethystine Prophecy Reforge Stage to the new Tenebrous Armor!

  • Transfer Amethystine Prophecy Armor Reforge Stage 18 and up to a Tenebrous Armor of the same part.

  • There are two types of Reforge Transfer: Normal and Special.

  • The cost of Reforge Transfers will differ depending on the Reforge Stage when transferring.

  • The transferred Reforge Stage will be 6 stages lower from the Amethystine’s starting Reforge stage.

Before Transfer

After Transfer

Amethystine Prophecy Armor
Reforge Stage 18

Tenebrous Armor Stage 12

  • The Amethystine Prophecy Armor used for the Reforge Transfer will have the Reforge Stage and Guaranteed Success Gauge reset after the transfer.

  • However, the Amethystine Prophecy Armor itself and the enhancements it already has will not disappear.

  • Any Tenebrous Armor that received a Reforge transfer will have their Guaranteed Success Gauge reset and will become unsealable.

Purchase from the
Item Mall

Reforge Stage Transfer Ticket
To be used with: Amethystine Prophecy Armor +18 Reforge or up & Tenebrous Armor with +11 Reforge or lower.


When you’re ready to reforge Tenebrous Armor, you can choose between Tasma Aura or Tenebrous Aura!


How to Obtain

Tasma Aura

Obtain from Tirnog dungeons

Tenebrous Aura

Obtain from Tirnog dungeons / Obtain from daily quest from Tirnog region (This quest is per account).

Magical Crystal

Obtain through running dungeons/dismantling equipment

Armor stats will increase and Reforge effects will be added depending on the Reforge Stage.

You can start reforging via Elrianode Equipment Refiner or Magmelia Village’s Betty!